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About this city quest

Are you ready to solve a mystery in your city?
Gather your smartest friends, dress up like a detective team, and show off your collective genius.
Interact with virtual suspects and witnesses spread across your city.
Our exciting outdoor detective experience will lead you down new alleys and will let you discover new places in the city.


This city quest will guide you through 16 interactive locations. In each of them you will interact with virtual characters and collect precious clues to solve the mystery.


Depending on how fast is your team, this city quest can take between 1 and 2 hours to be solved. All the locations are in walking distance.

Detective Team

Play it alone or with your group of friends or family. This city quest allows a team of up to 5 detectives to play it. Union is strenght!

About the Mystery

The Marcovian Goblet Mystery


This historic artifact, made of gold from Africa, emeralds from India, and pearls from Japan was given to Marco Polo by Kublai Khan in the thirteenth century. A group of bandits stole it as Marco Polo traveled back to Venice on the Silk Road. Its location has remained a mystery for centuries...

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